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Technical Support Center Management

Managing a technical support center requires managing internal knowledge, working with external knowledge sources, managing tasks, tickets, clients and more.

But how can you manage everything, both internally and externally on one place?

With ClearMash you can!

Get a common framework of templates, workflows, analytics and best practices for managing a technical support center, Manage a unified search environment that brings you results from both internal know how and external sources (forums, blogs and etc.), and improve handling time with on screen guidance that will ensure all your agents are at least as your best agent.

Technical Support Center Management
Find solutions

Give your agents the best search engine for technical contact centers. ClearMash’s search can find anything, in the ClearMash’s knowledge administration and outside (like file servers, web sites, emails and etc.) and do it fast.

Manage tickets and clients

Manage queues of tasks, cases, customers and any other items. Assign agents or group of agents to items and take control of your back office tasks.

Add internal “know how” on external web sites

Most of the generic technical solutions are already online, but there are often changes and differences how to apply it in your organization.

Now you can add you know how on top of solutions you find online so every time an agent will enter this solution the internal know how will also pops up. 

Tag technical solutions all over the web

You can add external sources to ClearMash’s search module just by adding a site url and ClearMash’s search module will add the entire site to the search.

But, often you want to add just a specific page, a thread in a forum for example as a solution to you technical support search environment.

With ClearMash you can tag any web page and it will automatically added to the search. Allow your agents to expend the search borders to ad-hoc pages.

Automatic solution recommendation

ClearMash can learn your agents and how they solve problems and suggest solutions for the next time the same or similar problem occurs.

Allow the system to learn from your best agents and suggest solution recommendations to all your agents.

Measure your service knowledge

Get a complete set of tools, reports and best practices to measure your service knowledge. Learn what is missing or misleading how to improve it, learn what is trendy, hot and popular and know exactly what the knowledge status in your contact center is. 

Create a self-service site

Reduce “simple answers” calls and let your customers help themselves.

Create a self-service site with knowledge articles that you chose to share, self-diagnostics process and powerful search.

Ensure your agents are on board

Agents tanning becomes simple with ClearMash’s training module.

Now you can create quizzes, tests and interactive lessons to measure your agents' understanding of the content and get feedback on the parts that they do not understand. Be prepared to handle misunderstandings before they impact KPIs.

Guide agents in real-time

Changes are inevitable and therefore agent mistakes are inevitable.

Not anymore!

ClearMash will guide your agents with step-by-step process on top of any system and ensure that no mistakes will be done.

Build guided self-diagnostics workflows

Create a simple to use workflows to your agents and users can self-diagnose technical problems.

Using a series of questions guide your users to the right solution and guide them how to apply it.

Manage multiple support centers

Easily manage multiple support centers with one administration and unified view. Allow sharing of solutions and experience on common topics while keeping each support center separate. 

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