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Collections & Archives Management

Archives and collections hold your entire organizational history. Managing large collections can be a very demanding task that includes: data storage, organizing, categorizing, searching and visualization.

Build your archives and collections with an easy to use, web based solution that will make your work more efficient and will delight your users.

Collections & Archives Management
Mange rich items easily

Archived and collected items are often complex structured items with metadata and fields. Using ClearMash’s templates gallery and visual designer you can define your own structure without needing any technical expertise. Build rich items with multiple fields easily and fit the items to your needs. 

Brand your collections

When you need to expose your archives and collections to the public it must be designed and branded.

Good branding attracts new audiences and sponsors, and improves the usability of the collection. 

Building a user interface that will fit in with your brand and your needs is done using ClearMash’s visual designer and with no technical expertise.

Find items fast

We build great archives and collections for the purpose of finding the right items when needed – fast!

Finding data fast is not just about the speed of the search process, but just as important is the relevancy of the results. You need to get the right results the first time so you do not spend time searching over and over again.

ClearMash’s search module is a combination of natural language search (like in every web search engine) that you can write whatever you want and ClearMash will find it in the item’s texts combined with a classification engine that allows you to classify items and “push” them up the list of search results.

Manage multiple collections

ClearMash allows you to create multiple collections on the same system, so managing them is all done in a unified and central place. Collections can be in totally different topics, permissions and even sport a different customized look and feel.

Communicate with your users

Public collections and archives can benefit a great deal from communicating with users. You can discover new information, be notified of mistakes, gather feedback by engaging with your users and get a better understanding of your audience.

Get a set of communication tools that allow you to communicate with your users via forums, messages, forms and more.

Collaborate on every item

Give your users the best tools to collaborate on any item in the collection. Share your remarks and collaborate on top of every item in the collection, add and share bookmarks and more.

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