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Contact Centers Knowledge Administration

Knowledge items, call scripts, products catalog, tasks and any other information needed by agent is the heart of any contact center. Agents needs to be informed with up to date, relevant and effective information to answer any question or issue by the customer.

Optimize your customer interaction with ClearMash’s Knowledge Administration and get the best out of your agents.

Contact Centers Knowledge Administration
Answer fast & accurate

Give your agents the best search engine for contact centers. ClearMash’s search can find anything, in the ClearMash’s knowledge administration and outside (like file servers, web sites, emails and etc.) and do it fast.

Allowing your agents to give better answers and improve your customer’s satisfaction. 

Alert agents with relevant information

In real time agents don’t have time to consults knowledge administration every call. To reduce the knowledge administration you train your agents, but with training you counts on the memory of the agents and this is also not optimal.

ClearMash offers the optimal solution – guided information that popups to the agent in real time!

No need to count on memory and no need to leave the operational systems to search.

Simple, effective.

Engage with your customers

Get a complete multichannel support, setup topic based forums, send and receive direct messages, chat, build forms and start engage with your customers online.

Guide agents in real-time on other systems

Changes are inevitable and therefore agent mistakes are inevitable.

Not anymore!

ClearMash will guide your agents with step-by-step process on top of any system and ensure that no mistakes will be done.

Mange rich items easily

No more files or generic “knowledge items”, build templates that fits your specific needs easily.

You can customize or create any template with any number of fields without technical skills.

Manage tasks, cases & customers

Manage queues of tasks, cases, customers and any other items. Assign agents or group of agents to items and take control of your back office tasks.

Ensure your agents are on board

Agents training becomes simple with ClearMash’s training module.

Now you can create quizzes, tests and interactive lessons to measure your agents' understanding of the content and get feedback on the parts that they do not understand. Be prepared to handle misunderstandings before they impact KPIs.

Measure your service knowledge

Get a complete set of tools, reports and best practices to measure your service knowledge. Learn what is missing or misleading how to improve it, learn what is trendy, hot and popular and know exactly what the knowledge status in your contact center is. 

Create a self-service site

Reduce “simple answers” calls and let your customers help themselves.

Create a self-service site with knowledge articles that you chose to share, self-diagnostics process and powerful search.

Manage multiple contact centers

Easily manage multiple contact centers with one administration and unified view.

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