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Governance & Regulation Intelligence

Regulatory information, procedures and work processes are the infrastructure of any financial organization. They guide employees during regulatory work, they reduce risks and improve efficiency.

Give your regulation officers the best tools to handle regulation management with minimal efforts and costs.

Governance & Regulation Intelligence
Streamline regulation management processes

Managing regulation and regulatory intelligence requires managing a complex process. Formal regulatory content needs to be “translated” to your organizational language, be edited and approved by multiple internal authorities, published to the relevant departments, sent to relevant employees regarding changes and more.

ClearMash’s Corporate & Financial Regulation Intelligence platform helps you streamline these processes by providing a common framework of templates, workflows, analytics, best practices and collaboration tools to handle regulatory content and gather regulatory intelligence. All the templates and processes can be modified to fit to your specific needs without any technical skills, so that you can integrate your experience and know-how with ours.

Increase regulation awareness

In most cases regulation violations committed by employees are due to a lack of awareness of an existing regulation or a change that has been done recently. To address this challenge you need to give your employees the best tools to interact with regulatory information, to get notified and discover new regulatory information.

ClearMash’s Corporate & Financial Regulation Intelligence platform comes with an out-of-the-box regulatory aware search engine that is both fast and accurate. The search engine allows your employees to easily find regulatory information based on their own words like searching on the web, define advanced search queries and save searches for later use.

However, you need more than search to be sure that your employees are looking at the right information, therefore ClearMash’s Corporate & Financial Regulation Intelligence self-learning module also suggests similar regulatory items based on what employees are currently viewing. Suggestions range from similar items based on the same topic, other regulatory items often viewed together (i.e. "people who viewed this item also viewed…", and more.

Using ClearMash’s self-learning technology you will be able to reduce false searches, eliminate the need to manually navigate through menus or folders, and direct employees to the right information – automatically!

Control & Audit

Managing regulatory information is more than just managing the content of the relevant regulation. You need to have control over every step along the way. To do so ClearMash’s Corporate & Financial Regulation Intelligence platform brings a set of tools to ensure that you never lose sight of the overall process. Every time someone views, changes, edits, publishes, sends, changes settings or anything else – the platform keeps a complete audit log. This audit log can be searched, shared and trigger notifications (like “notify me when this items is changed” or “notify me when new regulatory information about this topic is added”, etc.).

A strict permissions and roles mechanism allows you to control who can do what and when, approve or reject actions and rollback mistakes. Permissions can be defined on anything (a whole topic, specific items and even specific fields) and for any action (who can view, edit, delete, publish, etc.).

Improve regulation implementation

You manage regulation, but how do you know if everyone is onboard?

To improve your regulation implementation among employees across the organization ClearMash’s Corporate & Financial Regulation Intelligence platform measures how employees interact with regulatory information and gives you a better view on your regulation implementation.

Reduce training efforts

Employees needs to be familiar with common regulatory work processes to perform their day-to-day work. When a new regulation is published or a major change is made to an existing one you need to train your employees and ensure that they have read the change and completely understood it.

Now you can create quizzes, tests and interactive lessons to measure your employees' understanding of the new information and get feedback on the parts that they do not understand. Be prepared to handle misunderstandings before they impact your organization.

Improve compliance

Using ClearMash’s Corporate & Financial Regulation Intelligence combined with ClearMash’s Proactive Compliance Assurance you can ensure employees' full compliance to regulation with minimal efforts and costs, reduce risks and increase compliance awareness for every employee, everywhere and in real time!

Both solutions are built to work together to give you a complete solution for regulation and compliance management.

Built for Industry Regulations

Get a common framework of templates, workflows, analytics and best practices for cross-industry and industry specific regulations including:

  • SOX
  • OSHA
  • FDIC
  • NCUA
  • CFPB
  • OCC
  • OTS
  • GLBA
  • ISO
  • Dodd Frank
  • MiFID / MiFID 2
  • Data retention laws
  • and others
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